Joseph Arnaldo American Hero
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My Uncle Sonny at basic training
Born December 24th, 1917 in New Bedford MA. Son of Mary Bettencourt and Joseph J. Arnaldo. Younger brother to Mildred and Florence.
Stout Heated Men

Gallery One
The Photo

Sometime during the winter of 1945, Sgt. Reg Kenny, photographer for YANK Army Weekly, captured Staff Sgt. Joseph “Sonny” Arnaldo, my uncle, somewhere on the German front. The photo is one of the most recognizable of WWII. In this gallery you will see some of the photo's history and where it has been published.
Yank Magazine Cover of Sgt. Joseph Arnaldo

Gallery Two
Sonny: The War Years

My family and I are blessed with a great deal of photos and documents from my uncle. Here you will find a number of photos and images from the years he was in the service.

Photo of Sonny in uniform that was colorized.

Gallery Three

Check out photos and other documents of Sonny's family and friends. Help us identify some of the people in his life.
Honorable Discharge
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Stout Hearted Men from the history of the 331st.
Poem from the history of the 331st