Joseph Arnaldo American Hero
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Gallery One

The Photo

Photo from the history of 331st,\.
Inside photo "A Time for Trumpets"


It has been expressed to me, and I agree, that this photograph may be one of the most recognizable of all the photos taken during WWII. I have seen it no less than 6 times published, not including variants.

Yank Army Weekly (three covers)

Time Life WWII (two covers)

A Time for Trumpets

Citizen Soldiers

Official History of 331st

Boston Red Sox TV Ad.


Time Life alternat book cover

Time/Life Books Alternate Cover

The Army Weekly

Photographed by Sgt. Reg Kenny, staff photographer for YANK Army Weekly, this photo appears in the March 2nd, 1945 edition. Multiple photos must have been taken because there are slight differences in the photos that have been printed.

Larger photo.

yank Army Weekly Cover

Time Life Books
The Battle of the Bulge

World War II Collectors Edition

The photo appears both on the cover and inside. The dust jacket of this version also has the identical photo. Another version does not have the cover photo but does have the inside photo. The date of this version is 1979.

Time Life Cover of Joseph Arnaldo

A Time For Trumpets
Charles B. MacDonald

Recently I found a copy of this and was able to scan the cover and check out the photo inside. I am currently in search of a copy of Citizen Soldiers.

A Time for Trumpets

Standard Times
New Bedford, MA. March 25th 1945
"YANK Features City Sergeant"

"This picture of Staff Sergeant Joseph Arnaldo of New Bedford was taken by Sergeant Reg Kenny, photographer for YANK, the Army Weekly, shortly after the former left the front lines following 10 successive days of fighting the Germans."

Large photo.

news paper artcle about the photo and my uncle.
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Large version of the news paper article.
Poem from the history of the 331st