Joseph Arnaldo American Hero
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Gallery Two

The War Years

Close up of Sonny.

My family and I are blessed with a great deal of photos and documents from my uncle. Here you will find a number of photos and images from the years he was in the service.

In many of the photos, we are unsure of who is in them or many other details. If you should be able to fill in any details, email me. It would be greatly appreciated.

Charcoal Sketch of Sonny, 5-30-45

USO Camp Shows, May 30th 1945 Elizabeth Langsdorf Miller
Letter from Sonny.

Letters from Home

My grandmother kept all the letters that her brother sent home. His mother could not speak much English, let alone write, so sister Mildred was the number one correspondent.

We have at least 75 letters in a scrapbook. Someday, I will read and scan them all.

Color photo of Sonny

Group photo of basic training.

Camp Blanding, FL.

April 19th, 1944

This photograph was found at my grandmother's house. In addition to the location and date, the last names of all the soldiers are written on the photo. Also noted, Company F. 198th Battalion. 62nd Regiment. 1st Platoon.

Sinny with 2 freands somewhere in France.

Sonny, somewhere in France

We have little background information, but the photo was taken in France.

Sonny in uniform.

Ready for action

September 15th, 1944 Somewhere in France

This is one of my favorite photos of my uncle. We know that my uncle was wounded at least twice. We have Western Union telegrams telling my great-grandmother, his mother, Mary Arnaldo, that he was "slightly" injured around August 23, 1944 in France.

The second time was somewhere in Germany. It was this wound, received April 7th, 1945, that earned him a Purple Heart and his eventual honorable discharge from Lovell General Hospital, Ft. Devens, MA. This was on May 21, 1946.

Sonny outside of Hathaway Mills in New Bedford MA.

Sonny and friends

Hathaway Mills, New Bedford, Ma.

Based on my uncle's rank, it looks like this photo was taken in 1945. We have not been able to confirm this since we know he was in Europe until being wounded in April 1945. It is possible that it was taken after he got out of the hospital and before he was discharged in May of 1946.

We have no knowledge of the other men. There are 5 photos in this grouping. We think that they must have been friends.

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