Joseph Arnaldo American Hero
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Gallery Three

Family History


First wife Ruth R Robinson of Maine

First wife Ruth H. Robinson was from Belfast, Maine. Married in January of 1940, they were divorced less then 8 months later.


Sonney with second wife Naomi

Sonny and second wife Naomi from New York lived for a while in Elmira NY. We know very little about her and the time they were together.

  • Father - Joseph J. Arnaldo
  • Mother - Mary Bettencourt
  • Sister - Florence (King) Wilcox
  • Sister - Mildred (Arnaldo) Costa

This may seem a bit confusing. My great-grandfather's last name was King when his first child, Florence, was born. At some point the name became Arnaldo. My grandmother often told me that her maiden name was Mildred Bettencourt King Arnaldo.

Joseph and Mary Arnaldo, parents

Sonny's Parents

  • Niece - Mildred (Costa) Williams
  • Nephew - Thomas Costa
  • Great-Nephew - Mitchell Williams
  • Great-Nephew - Michael Williams
  • Great-Nephew - Christopher Williams
  • Great-Nephew - David Costa
  • Great-Great-Nieces - Michelle, Kelly and Rhiannon.
  • Great-Great-Nephews - Brendon, Ian and Christopher

The above family members are the family of Sonny's sister, Mildred Costa, my grandmother.

Great great nephew Brendon Williams

Brendon Williams

Family photo Williams and Costa

The Costa and Williams family and friends at Millie Williams' (Sonny's niece) 75th birthday.

Mitchell Williams

Website Editor, Mitchell Williams

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